Celebrate Life!

I love celebrating!  As a nationally certified counselor, parent educator, mindful mother, writer, speaker and advocate for children, I guide and encourage community members and families to slow down, notice, and celebrate life!

Intentional Living is about living with awareness and meaning.   It’s about enjoying and appreciating the present and being grateful for what is.  Living Intentionally means we attempt to express kindness and love in all interactions~ treating people as holy encounters, because we are all intentionally created.  Learning to accept  the beauty of the world, utilizing our own creativity, and continously being open to grow are also aspects of intention.

Relating childrens’ daily experiences to their developmental needs, I can explain why running through mudpuddles is not only an enjoyable experience, but a necessary one as well, and how engaging with your child gives them emotional stability.  By stepping into the world of a child, we can learn a lot about satisfaction, simplicity, joy and appreciation for the gifts of life.

I want parents to feel empowered and successful in their parenting role, and to appreciate and welcome the urgency of now, as children can naturally demonstrate.  When parents understand developmental needs and feel content, children thrive!

Specializing in communication, awareness and parent and child development.

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Parents magazine January 2013 “Becoming a Reader” pg.80.